A life well lived still has consequences for our appearance. Aging, sunshine, pregnancy, weight change, stress, lifestyle choices – none of us are untouched by these. Many of those who seem proportional, shapely, balanced, resistant to aging, healthy and happy have already been under our care.

Surgery is not a substitute for the pillars of a healthy life – good nutritional and exercise lifestyle choices, proper sleep, good relationships and community, meditation or other paths to emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and avoidance of harmful habits or addictive behaviors such as smoking.

Where surgery can help is when the pillars above cannot fix the problem. Surgery simplistically allows us to remove what is too much, enhance what is too little, re-balance what is out of proportion and restore some of what has been lost. It is not the definitive answer to any problem but rather a tool and option that provides the possibility of correcting an issue that is beyond the reach of other modalities.

Facial Surgeries

Our face is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. The progression is slow but steady. We look in the mirror and who we see does not reflect how we feel inside. Time, sunshine and lifestyle can lead to loss of volume and skin elasticity. We look tired but we have energy. We look sad or angry but we are happy. We look aged but inside we feel young still. We wonder why people are asking about our mood or the quality of our sleep.

Some of us are born with features that stand out in ways that are not in balance with the rest of our appearance. We live with it until you decide it is time to get information about how surgery could change the nose, ears, or chin and how that might look if we went ahead.

Dr. Stan will work with you to create an individualized plan for correcting or restoring your facial appearance. We offer a range of mininmally invasive or standard surgical options coupled with Morpheus8 and facial fat grafting or fat removal. Everyone is unique and has different anatomy or requirements. We understand this and every plan is tailored to provide a range of options that you can select from based on your comfort and expectations.

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Breast Surgeries

Breast surgery involves augmentation or reduction, lifts and balancing of asymmetries. Our goal is the best shape and size that we can provide for you.

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Body Contouring

Body contouring helps treat skin or fat excess as well as filling in deficient areas on the hips or butt. Modern techniques seek to yield a more athletic shape that is aesthetic over a wider range of body weights. Lifts, tucks, liposuction, fat grafting and Vaser liposculpture or Bodytite radiofrequency are all in the toolkit in our clinic.

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While surgery is often the best or only good solution for the problems of contour or skin laxity, many patients are not at the stage where this is clearly needed. I am always looking for alternative options that serve patients with less invasive treatments. After 20 years of progress in skin and tissue tightening technology, we are finally at a point where there are reasonably priced and effective minimally invasive treatments that can delay, replace or complement surgical options.

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Cool Tech

Dr. Stan spends time traveling each year to international meetings to learn new techniques and find the best technology to assist in patient education, surgical planning and modern patient/surgeon communication.

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Curious About Your Options?

Dr. Stan is happy to answer any question and talk about the best options for each individual patient.
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