Breast Surgeries

Breast surgery involves augmentation or reduction, lifts and balancing of asymmetries. Our goal is the best shape and size that we can provide for you.

Breast Augmentation

The goal of Breast Augmentation is to provide or restore volume. We have a wide range of implant sizes, styles and profiles to help get the best shape possible for your frame. I use Vectra 3D simulation software during the consultation to help visualize the different options on your own body so that you can make the best sizing decision.

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Breast Lift

Breast Lift can be done in isolation or at the same time as breast augmentation. Our goal is to reposition the natural breast tissue above the breast fold and create a nice perky teardrop shape. Modern breast lift can sometimes incorporate “autoaugmentation” where we use your own tissue rather than an implant to create fullness in the upper breast. The Vectra 3D software helps simulate the lift on your frame so you can visualize the result better.

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Breast Reduction

Neck, shoulder and back pain are common problems with heavy breasts. We can remove some volume at the same time as providing a lift to create the optimal shape with more comfortable breast size.

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Breast Asymmetry

Few of us are born symmetrical in all proportions. Creating breast symmetry and optimal shape is one of the more challenging procedures in breast surgery. Vectra 3D modeling of the starting shape, volume, rib cage abnormalities and breast ptosis leads to a discussion of how best to create balance and a nice shape. We often combine liposuction and fat grafting, lifts and reductions, differential implant shapes and volumes as well as Inmode Bodytite to get the best result we can.

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Breast Surgery Revision

Sometimes the surgery does not work out right out of the gate. Sometimes the shape or volume changes over time in directions that compromise the result. Asymmetry, capsular contracture, rippling, waterfall deformity, implant prolapse – I have spent over 25 years trying to minimize this in my own patients and repairing it in others’. Age, pregnancy, weight change and lifestyle choices all affect breast surgery results over time. Most situations can be improved or corrected and its always worth coming in to discuss what the options might involve.

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Male breast enlargement can be an embarrassing problem. We can help. Liposuction with Vaser ultrasonic technology and minimal incision glandular tissue removal can significantly improve the chest contour.


Minimally Invasive treatments are a great option if you are a little nervous.

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